Kangaroo Island: Cape du Couedic


Flinders Chase is a national park that’s bitten off the east tip of Kangaroo Island, and it’s a repository of weird rocks, aww-inspiring animals, and lots of greenery. Our first stop, after harassing the very nice lady at the Visitors Centre, was Cape du Couedic.

The first thing that greets you at Cape du Couedic is a sign describing its gruesome shipwreck, where 32 people perished and the survivors were found with rotting penguins tied around their necks. Naturally, I didn’t get my hopes up about the place. Continue reading “Kangaroo Island: Cape du Couedic”

Kangaroo Island: Flinders Chase


We drive to Flinders Chase, passing dead kangaroo after dead possum after dead unidentified. I’ve never been anywhere with as much roadkill as here, and I say this having grown up in a country that consistently tops rankings for its bad drivers. I focus my eyes upwards, on the gumtrees and the stretches of sheep-peppered land. Continue reading “Kangaroo Island: Flinders Chase”